Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Slightly used country going cheap

We ought to just put up the for sale signs now. Or perhaps if we are hell-bent on selling out, we could list our country on TradeMe

Former currency trader and lifelong money geek JiangQi has found new markets to exploit while traitorously selling out his homeland. Currently he is seeking photo opps with Barack Obama; though why he would think a big cheesy front page spread alongside a man whose country is even further down the gurgler than our own is good publicity I’m buggered if I know.

Although I suppose that is just my old fashioned attitude showing through. When I were a lad, going broke or being adjudged bankrupt was not something we aspired to. For some odd reason we saw it as failure if your business enterprise went tits up and bankrupts were not wined and dined by political leaders. These days it would seem to be some sort of badge of honour and I think many vie with each other to see who can leave the largest number of unsecured creditors thrashing about with no lifeboat in sight.

So those who have any plan to cast a vote (and see what you might catch) in November, should pay attention to what this fly boy and current polls leader has been up to. Then ask yourself if this is in the best interests of New Zealand?

The first destabilising thing he and his cronies have been up to is all this bollocks about free trade deals with what seems to be almost every country that uses child labour and has no labour laws or health and safety regulations. China and India are both soon to flood our country with their cheap nasty products made by 9-year-olds in disgusting conditions and therefore able to be sold for less than the cost of five minutes of one of our workers’ labour.

That should do heaps to solve our unemployment problems.

Next they want to sell off a whole load of assets. We’ve been there before and it’s nothing short of a miracle we have anything left to sell. This selling off is a two edged thing too, because not only are publicly owned assets earmarked for sale; they are also selling off as much of our productive land as they possibly can to the likes of Chinese dairy operations. And as if that wasn’t enough they are offering offshore mining opportunities to Brazilians who if things go wrong could make our eyes water a lot more than with one of their famous waxings.

More brilliant plans to put us firmly in control of our waka.

In the middle of what is referred to as our dire economic circumstances when we are told there isn’t enough money to fund health or education or anything else important adequately we find Billy Bunter Browneye has given his mates some ripper cream buns for tea. Despite a limit of $655 per day for the chairman and up to $415 per day for the rest, he has paid his old mates on the panel set up to monitor the Christchurch quake body more than twice that sum. Using what are essentially wartime powers enacted straight after the disaster and ‘in the national interest’ or rather more likely ‘in National’s interest’chairman Sir John William Hansen gets $1400 per day and the rest of them including Jenny Shipley get $1000 each per day.

That should help get Christchurch back on its feet much quicker than if he had just paid the amount specified in law, eh?

You’d think all that stuff was enough, but our lisping leader has even more up his sleeve. It now appears that we have had more activity from Mossad agents and they were present in Christchurch before during and after the earthquake. They were uncovered when their vehicle was hit by rubble and the survivors decamped leaving a dead colleague with a nice collection of false passports in his possession.

The buzz is that the SIS got onto it and has been making enquiries to see if these bastards got up to anything like hacking into our (so-called) intelligence information. If it had just been some dude with a bunch of passports we might have just thought him to be a common criminal (rather than an uncommon one). However the Israelis kind of blew it by sending a couple of ‘search & rescue’ teams over that had no UN accreditation, which was suspicious in itself. However what really blew the lid was when one of the teams was confronted by armed Kiwi patrols INSIDE the red zone and escorted out.

The Prime Prick refuses to discuss much about this saying it is not in the national interest for him to do so. Once again I think it is more likely ‘not in National’s interest’.

In the absence of any real information here we can only speculate (as we will in an information vacuum) that it is not in HIS interest to do so, because it might uncover something else he has been up to with the Israelis that he won’t want us to know about.   

This is not the first time Mossad have been found in NZ with no reasonable excuse and the fact that JiangQi refuses to do anything about it, suggests he has things he wants to cover up here. I don’t know what, but like I said at the beginning; he is a money man and the Israelis are pretty well connected in that regard, so maybe that’s the link.

In any event what this little turd is doing is called treachery. The penalty for traitors used to be much worse than electoral death. But as the scaffold is no longer around, let’s hope the voters can reclaim some of our sovereignty in November and dump this pillock back into Civvy Street. The only problem is; the heirs apparent are getting a little thin on top.

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