Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A new year yawns before us

Ye gods, the bloody place is going to the dogs. (No offence doggies, I should have said it’s going to the mongrels).
The year has barely started and already the nation has stalled. Prime Munter John Key (or Jiang Qi as we prefer to think of him) has signed off on 34 new Beamers for himself and his lazy overpaid cronies, and his National (Socialist) Party shows its true blue colours for all to see in election year.
Despite the recession and rising prices without the accompanying wage increases for all but the politicians and a few other privileged ones, Jiang Qi labels all recipients of food parcels bludgers who don’t know how to budget. This of course is based upon his own ‘close-up-and-personal’ knowledge of trying to live on less than $25,000 per annum. JQ obviously sees himself as some kind of royalty if his actual words are any guide:” ...anyone on a benefit actually has a lifestyle choice. If one budgets properly, one can pay one's bills.” So why not just tell them to eat cake eh, Jiang Qi?
Without even pausing for a breath, never mind a thought Ill Health Monitor Toe-Knee Bile says he won’t rule out changing the law to ensure they can continue to pay care workers a miserable $35 for having to sleep over when caring for people in their own homes. Bile clearly has the view these already grossly underpaid and under-valued workers should be grateful they get anything for staying over. After all, they’re sleeping. So what if they have to get up five times during the night to wipe the bum of one or more of their charges. They should be grateful they have a job, unlike those bludging bastards picking up food parcels.
You might think all this is bad enough, but in this very same week I read about a lawyer, John Gordon from Tauranga firm Sharp Tudhope and BGH Group MD Warwick Talbut who are raising money to buy some legs for Charlotte Cleverly-Bisman, the young Glenfield girl who lost all four limbs when she contracted meningitis as a baby. And why are these two fine, caring men doing this? Because the government won’t, that’s why. The government supplies one pair of legs each year to this wee girl but they are crappy fibreglass ones that are too painful for her to use. So her family has had to stump up (no pun intended) $40,000 to buy her some useable legs. Meanwhile double murderer Graham Burton sports a fine spanking new pair courtesy of, (you guessed it) our benevolent government.
In another perfectly timed move the results of a series of investigations into police handling of child abuse cases has revealed many cases were, to put it extremely mildly, inadequately dealt with. In fact the wording used was "filed incorrectly" or "inappropriately resolved". In fact it is far worse than that; an officer was brought in to check out a backlog of 121 unresolved files in the Wairarapa region after a detective there had asked the commissioner for assistance. He found that most were what he described as ‘high risk’. A detective was then supposed to go to Masterton to help resolve the files but his assistance was declined by Mark McHattie, the officer in charge of the Masterton CIB who said the number of cases had miraculously dropped from 121 to 29 in the space of just one month.
In yet another example of how mentally challenged our police force is, nobody seemed to think this was odd at the time. You will not be surprised to learn the enquiry found or implied that many of these were just closed and put away without any sort of follow up. McHattie is now working for the CIB in Auckland, although he is currently being investigated along with a number of his colleagues. Now of course, the Rozzers are doing all the usual ‘show’ things that get done at times like these such as ‘designating a specific officer to co-ordinate all child abuse cases in each district. All of which will be a complete waste of time unless the plod on the beat actually learns to recognise the fact that people who beat their children or spouses with implements need to be removed to a place where they cannot harm these people and the family (or whanau) is very often NOT the best place for a child to be.
Now, if you’re still feeling positive about the way our country is going, remember this is election year and that means your state of euphoria is going to be short-lived.

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