Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Bin there, dumped that

So Osama bin Hiding is dead.....but is he really? It’s quite amazing how convenient circumstances can be for world leaders at times.

Just as Obama, (is the next person of international interest going to be called Ollama, Okarma or Odrama?) is finding things tough in Congress and during the run-up to the next US presidential election; kaboom! up pops the bullet riddled corpse of Satan’s brother and there is dancing in the streets of Washington.

Obama sagely told the nation, “Justice has been done”.

Justice? Call me old-fashioned and I might even be a bit old, but I don’t think I’m so senile as to have missed the trial. I’ve been scratching my head all morning, but apart from a few dandruff flakes on my fingers I can’t for the life of me recall anything about an arrest, a reading of charges, a trial or a subsequent judicial sentence.

That might be justice Guantanamo Bay style, but it appears to fly in the face of the sort of justice the West is so proud to champion and even contrast favourably to that practiced by Al Qaeda.

I can’t help but be suspicious about how this operation has unfolded. It’s all too bloody convenient. The first thing that strikes me about the so-called raid is that it looks as though it was always a search and destroy raid with absolutely no intention of capturing bin Laden alive. The ‘body’ has also conveniently been dumped at sea with unseemly haste.

A picture has emerged that purports to be the body of Osama, but Reuters had a close look at it and declared it a fake Photoshop job.

So why would they want to take bin Laden out rather than in and why did they dispose of the ‘evidence’ so smartly?

You can only conclude they had stuff to hide. So what did bin Laden have on the Americans that they could not allow him to pass on to the rest of the world? He is known to have had close ties to the Bush family, so my guess is that at some point the administration has been compromised through some clandestine dealings it has had with him. Most likely there was some unholy alliance with the CIA and Al Qaeda somewhere along the line to gain some traction in one oil state or another.

So what happens now?

Well for one thing the propaganda war will hot up quite a bit. The Americans have already started with some stage-managed press releases. Some are actually quite funny, like the one that says Osama was hiding behind a woman and using her as a human shield when they burst in on him. The implication being that Osama (who wears a dress and ain’t no real man like the good ol’ boys that drink corn likker and believe in Je-sus!) was also a big sissy who cries and hides behind women’s skirts.

The level of this sort of crap is so ‘kindergarten’ that I found it astonishing that a newspaper such as The Washington Post would even run it without turning it into a cartoon.

Much has also been made of the luxury in which the Al Qaeda leader was said to be living. So? That distinguishes him from other ‘nice’ leaders in exactly what way? Do all those smiley inclusive baby kissers we call world leaders live in abject poverty, fund their own activities and give a shit about any of their constituency? (Cue Tui ad)

Nah Osama was probably a prick, which puts him in the same bag as most world leaders. He almost certainly encouraged many of his supporters to lay down their lives for his causes and to kill the unbelievers. (Still sounds like any one of a couple of dozen world leaders to me).

But there was one big difference between Osama and the others; his supporters will be seriously pissed off about what has allegedly happened and unlike their wimpier Western counterparts they are likely to take some pretty drastic actions to avenge what they see as an assassination. And from here, it certainly looks like an assassination.

But then I guess it was always going to be cheaper in monetary terms than the trial. America has a huge debt issue and times are tough!

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